It’s a common term that refers to sheet materials

Corner Trim: A trimming that is done where the two walls and the floor meets with each other.
Drum Sander: They are floor sander that are as large as much a lawn mower is which is used on wooden floor.
Edge Sander: A device that is used manually used to sand the corners if missed by a drum sander.
Fiberboard: It’s a common term that refers to sheet materials.
Kelim (or Kilim): It’s one of the types of run that is often reversible, flat and made from woven.
Quarter Round: It’s basically a small molding which is size of a quarter circles and generally used as in shape of a base shoe.
Rag Rug: a colorful type of rug that is part of woven handicrafts made from scraps of cotton.
Sisal Flooring: One of the types of rugs that are made from sisal, which are material from natural plant.
T-Molding: Particular molding that’s between the two areas of the wood/flooring.
Wall-to-wall installation: It’s a process of installing a carpet when stretched over a pad and tacked into the strips of wood against the walls.
And there are plenty more terminologies that we will cover later in our other detailed article. Hope these terminologies will be sufficient enough to acknowledge you encouraging you to install your new carpet on your own.

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